⚖️ Agency Registration Forms


You will be sent a form to complete when you register. This is often online, but some still use a PDF for you to print. It includes your basic personal information, and some questions about you to get the compliance process rolling.

What questions are on the form?

Basic personal information

Most of the form is basic personal details including name, date of birth, address etc.

National Insurance number

You can find this on a recent payslip, or on your NI card if you have this. In some cases you may need to provide evidence of this - a scan of a recent payslip is usually enough.

COVID Information

You may also be asked for some COVID-related questions on a separate form.

Referee details

See this section on References. You may not be ready to share details of your referees if you haven't yet asked their permission. If you're not sure, leave this blank and discuss with the locum agency in due course.

Agency T&Cs

Agencies will also have a list of Terms and Conditions attached to the application form which you will need to read and sign.

These govern the relationship between you and the agency. Look carefully to understand how often you will be paid and whether they will pay for any appraisals or training. If anything is unclear, raise it with them.