⚠️ Mandatory Training


Mandatory training is the collective name for all of the training modules that you need to have done before you can work. This includes Health & Safety, Fire Safety and Safeguarding. You'll gather up your certificates, and fill in the gaps by doing additional modules.

Key Information

Locum agencies need to verify that you are up-to-date with the mandatory training required by all Trusts before you are able to work. This is governed by the Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF).

The challenge here is that there are many modules to complete, and locum agencies may sometimes not be able to recognise courses that you have been done elsewhere.

The good news though is that you will have done most already, and any additional modules are actually quick and easy to complete.

The modules commonly required are:

✅ Basic Life Support (BLS) ✅ Manual Handling ✅ Health and Safety ✅ Fire Safety ✅ Safeguarding Adults and Children - Level 2 or 3 depending on specialty ✅ Infection Control ✅ Equality and Diversity ✅ Lone Worker ✅ Radicalisation Prevention ✅ Counter Fraud ✅ Conflict Resolution ✅ Information Governance ✅ Complaints Handling

Action Steps

👉 Gather your certificates and send over

If you login to your Trust’s eLearning portal, you will be able to download your certificates from there. You can also take screenshots, but ensure that your name, completion dates, expiry dates and Trust logos are visible - if not they will likely be rejected. If you’re not sure, take multiple screenshots and send them all over.

👉 Do any additional modules

The locum agency will let you know if any are missing or not valid.

If so, you will need to complete those training modules again before you can work. These take less time than you think - usually 10-15 mins each - and can be done online. You can declare this time for CPD too.

The agency will arrange these for you. They are free, but you have to pay if you want to keep the certificate to use again elsewhere.